We are developers in AI and NLP, psychologists, engineers, designers, youth content experts, and more. Above all, we are passionate about improving youth mental health. Do you see yourself on our team? Contact us.

Hava Doron Soferman

Hava Doron Soferman

Hava is a leader in innovation and development of technologies for productive mental health online and is the owner and developer of the 4girls website, which has reached one-third of the girls in Israel.

Amir Gefen, PhD

Amir Gefen

PhD | VP Marketing and Business Development
Amir has over 20 years of experience in leading marketing and BD for global tech. He researches cyberbullying and worked for the Israel Ministry of Public Security as Head of Prevention at the National Cyber Protection Bureau for Children.

Neta Snir

Neta Snir

NLP Expert
Neta developed proprietary chatbot technology (patentable) and created an NLP solution for an emotional support NGO, specializing in building and leading NLP and Data Science aspects of early-stage companies.

Orit Cohavi

NLP Developer
Orit Cohavi has an M.A. in Brain Sciences and Cognition, with vast experience in Artificial-Intelligence and Machine-Learning Activities, specializing in social robotics.

Mental Health Team

Adi Dan

Adi Dan

has an M.A in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on children and youth. She is currently a clinical intern at Emek HaYarden Psychological Counseling and Treatment Center

Amir Elizur

Amir Elizur

has an M.A in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children and youth, and vast field experience in mental health.

Keren Stein

Keren Stein

has an M.A in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on children and youth, and she has been working in the mental health field for the past several years.

Yarden Shayovitz

Yarden Shayovitz

has an M.A. in Women and Gender Studies and is very experienced as a Digital Community Director and Content Editor, with an expertise in adolescent behavior.

Scientific Advisory Board

Yossi Levi-Belz

Prof. Yossi Levi-Belz

Founder & Chair, Lior Tsfaty Center for Suicide & Mental Pain Studies
Prop. Levi-Belz is an expert clinical psychologist researcher in the field of suicidality and mental health. He serves as the chair of the Israeli center for suicide research, and as the chair of the Behavioral Sciences department at Ruppin Academic Center, Israel.

Michal Khalifa-Komem

Dr. Michal Khalifa-Komem

Founding Chair, Rotem Center for Young Women
Dr Khalifa-Komem is an expert social work researcher in the field of mental health of young people. Her field of expertise is developing unique programs and professional practice for and with adolescent girls and young women. She serves as the Chair of the Rotem Center for young women at risk at the School of Social Work, and as a faculty member, and in Sapir Academic College.

Eyal Fruchter

Prof. Eyal Fruchter

Director, Division of Mental Health, Rambam Hospital
Prof. Eyal Fruchter is the Director of the Division of Mental Health at Rambam Health Care Campus. Prior to that, he served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as a Colonel, heading the IDF Medical Corps' mental health department. He is a leading clinician and researcher in the fields of suicide prevention and PTSD.

Hila Hadas

Dr Hila Hadas

Chief Executive Officer, Enosh: The Israel Mental Health Center
Dr. Hadas is a dedicated mental health activist and the CEO of Enosh, the leading Israeli Mental Health Association. On 2019, she was honoree at the State of Israel Independence Day Official Ceremony. Dr. Hadas actively promotes the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities, and plays a leading role in shaping Israel’s public policy.

Dr. Shiri Yarkony

Business Development Specialist USA Market
Dr. Yarkony is a medical professional with 20 years experience in the healthcare / Medical device industry. Entrepreneur and successful startup founder, with a deep knowledge of the start-up world, expertise in creating innovative healthcare products and bringing them to market.