MoodKnight’s mission is to provide society the tools needed to make the next leap in mental health care for young people.

Our platform is a world-leading AI & NLP innovative solution for the understanding and analysis of mental health distress in digital text. We enable mental health organizations to manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality while reaching out to any person in need.

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increase in suicide
rates in people under 24
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of suicide acts
were posted online
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One suicide
every 40 seconds

Real Time Detection

AI & NLP based on psychological domain knowledge detect mental distress and suicidal ideation on digital platforms

Digital Distress Risk Score

First-of-its kind Decision Support Tool that evaluates psychological risk

Lifesaving Results​

Enables the mental health ecosystem to efficiently and effectively provide lifesaving interventions

Our Product
Helping our clients be more efficient and more effective

MoodKnight’s Digital Platform Analytics Engine reviews all digital sources such as texts, posts, messages, recordings, and more. These are sourced from various online and digital platforms and MoodKnight automatically analyzes and ranks them based on the mental health needs, in a timely manner and with full synergy of our clients workflow.

Our Technology
Built by Psychologists, Scientists & Engineers

MoodKnight uses a database of millions of youth-written texts, along with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning tools, to create software that analyzes digital inputs in real time, ranking them by types of distress and levels of severity, all with human level accuracy – providing mental health organizations the assistance they need to manage ever growing workloads, without sacrificing quality.

Our Values
Youth-centric approach

MoodKnight is here to ensure that no cry for help goes unheard.
Using MoodKnight’s proprietary AI technology we provide the entire e-health ecosystem – Helplines, e-therapy, Telemedicine, Parent applications, as well as social media platforms, and many others– with a real-time and accurate way to detect mental-health risk and offer relevant lifesaving interventions by pairing the appropriate assistance to the person in need.

We believe the solution to detect mental distress is already here
We just need to MoodKnight it

Real Time Detection

Artificial intelligence detects signals of mental distress and suicidal thoughts

Lifesaving Results

Enables government, NGO, and e-health professionals to efficiently assess risk using visual tools, to provide lifesaving interventions

Digital Distress Risk Score

The first ever mapping tool that determines psychological risk, displayed visually with scoring and graphs